An F1H2O Grand Prix in Mâcon, they did it !

Just 4 months ago, the crazy opportunity was born to organize an F1H2O GP in Mâcon. After consultation with the City of Mâcon, the GO was given at the end of February. With the help of the Yacht Motor Club of Mâcon, MAVERICK RACING had 3 months to organize the GP of France F1H2O 2022 in Mâcon.
Of course, despite all the experience of Maverick and the YMC in organizing competitions in Mâcon, not everything went as planned. A real hassle in such a short time and with limited means.
Nevertheless with the help of all, on june 4 in the morning, everything was ready.

On the MAVERICK side, the team welcomed new partners such as the Fréderic PIN Group, the Société Maconnaise d’Entreprise Electrique, and the players of the cryptosphere Bitcoin-Lyon and CryptoYacht Club who for the occasion had realized their partnership in Bitcoin, a first in F1H2O (see previous articles).
Despite a team exhausted by all the preparations for the GP, the boats were ready.

During qualifying Cédric managed to climb into Q2 in which he will unfortunately not be able to participate due to a waterway caused by a flirtation a little too tight with a buoy. Alexandre Bourgeot would start in 15th position.
On Sunday, after the night’s waterspouts and lightning, the sun returned. A dense crowd gathered on the 4 sides of the circuit to attend the show, enough to make lie the detractors who maintain that motorboating no longer interests anyone.
A Grand Prix without great surprise on the result side except the pleasure of seeing a Frenchman on the podium thanks to Peter Morin. On the Maverick side, Cédric Will finish 10th and takes a precious point ahead of Alexandre.

For now, it will be a well-deserved rest for Cédric and the whole team before preparing for the 2nd Round in San Nazzaro (Piacenza) on the Po, in Italy with perhaps a new partner.
All fans are welcome to support their favorite team.

A GP in Mâcon for 2023? Now we know miracles can happened, so…
Stay tuned…

UIM F1H2O World Championship-Macon (France) GRAND PRIX OF FRANCE June 3-5, 2022 Photo: Xavier Bertin Racing Image-Editorial use only

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