Maverick gets into the metaverse

A few weeks ago MAVERICK RACING announced a partnership with the Lyon Broker Bitcoin-Lyon, but since then, it is clear that the idea has come a long way. Since then, Maverick Racing has been approached by the 1st Yacht Club 100% tokenized: CRYPTOYACHTS.AI.

CryptoYachts offers a « Virtual Yacht Club » in which one can own a « virtual yacht » purchased in cryptocurrency, and moor it in a « Virtual Marina » while interacting virtually with the « Yachties » members of the community. Each CryptoYacht token, allows anyone to become a member of the Yacht Club and participate in events related to the world of Yachting in the real world as in the metaverse.
Interestingly, the CrytoYacht Club has taken up residence in the French Metaverse THE SANDBOX GAME which is none other than the third largest current project in terms of metaverse in the world, valued all the same at $3M.

With this partnership, MAVERICK RACING becomes the first French Motonautique team and the GP F1H2OMACON the first powerboat event to be sponsored in Bitcoin!

MAVERICK RACING becomes the first powerboat team member of the CryptoYacht Club. And so also the very first powerboat team in the world registered in a metaverse.
The 2 F1 boats and the F4 of MAVERICK RACING will also be materialized in the form of NFTs and will be sold by CRYPTOYACHTS on the OPENSEA.IO platform.
By extension, knowing that each powerboat competition must be organized under the tutelage of a Yacht Club, the F1H2OMACON grand prix France also becomes the first powerboat Grand Prix in the world under the banner of a virtual Yacht Club.

From there to the fact that a powerboat Grand Prix can be legitimately organized in a metaverse, with team avatars and virtual boats, there is only one step…

More info about CryptoYacht Club: 

Yacht NFT available for sale:

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